Asset Management Corporation

Investment Advisors

 ​​Asset Management Corporation is an Investment Advisory firm located in Plano, Texas. We offer a fee-based investment advisory service for high net worth individuals, retirement plans and trusts. 

Asset Management Corporation utilizes an investment approach based on an asset allocation model mostly of individual stocks and bonds. Our investment philosophy, to some extent, is contrarian in nature, as we seek to obtain good value from investments in all market environments. 

Our services are individualized to meet the needs and goals of each client. We stress direct communication, both written and oral, and try to keep an open dialogue with all clients on an ongoing basis. 

We monitor and evaluate investment performance. Account positions are held at any bank or brokerage firm a client chooses. Clients will receive monthly statements from the bank or brokerage firm holding the assets. In addition, we send each client our own comprehensive quarterly reports that measure portfolio returns and the asset allocation. We monitor all positions on a daily basis and recommend portfolio changes where appropriate. 

About Our Company